All About Papillons

History: Papillons are a very old breed dating back to the 1500's. They have served as companion dogs to the rich and famous and still provide that companion relationship today. Papillons are not aggressive in any way, but they are good burglar alarms having excellent hearing and guarding instincts. They are eighth on the list of intelligent dogs so they're really smart. This makes them fun and entertaining to own. Papillons get their name from the shape of their ears which look like butterfly wings, and since they originated in France, they became known by the French word for Butterfly, i.e. Papillon.

Companion dogs: Anyone who likes to get really close to their dogs will find a Papillon a wonderful companion. They are light weight at about 3 to 4 Kg's and love to have their very touchable fur stroked. They are always keen to get in the car and love walks. They also love to sleep on the bed with their owners!

Show dogs: Papillons are great show dogs with a lively gait, beautiful coat and expression. 

Therapy dogs: Because Papillons are such great companion dogs they are well received by those in need of company such as people in rest homes, hospitals and hospices See Photos

Agility Dogs: Some of the best small agility dogs in the world are Papillons. They are smart, agile, fast and love to relate to thier owners.

Obdience dogs: A few people do Obedience with Papillons and they can do quite well, though their small size makes this sport more challenging for such a small dog. 

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