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Photos of Ribbon Parade

Photos of Fun Day


 Updated 28 August, 2020  



12:00 Sat 19th Sept, 2020

Urban Revival Cafe

42 Silverstream Boulevard,  Kaiapoi

Please inform Lee if you coming (for a headcount) (03) 312-1536

Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 1.54.10 PM


Papillon Ribbon Parade

Sun 27 Sept, 2020, McLeans Island

Entries from: 1 pm

Judging Starts: 2 pm

Open to all Papillons (registered or not)

Contact Lee for more information.

(03) 312-1536



Musical Chairs with Dogs


Wanna Play??

Pap on Top


Papillon wins BEST IN SHOW at Crufts for the first time. 

Ch Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers ‘DYLAN'

Dylan the Villain

0 Crufts-Dog-Show-Day-Four

Breeder/Handler: Kathleen Roosens


Papillion Agility

Papillon Shed



Noeline with Keisha winning Best Ears

Noeline with Keisha winning Best Ears

Just to let our friends know that Keisha has had to be euthanised today. She was due to have an eye operation today but the vet discovered that her jaw had seized and the condition was inoperable. As her quality of life would have been very poor and she would not have lasted much longer in any case, I had to make the decision. Rest in peace my darling. I will miss you so much. 

-Noeline Calvert


Luncheon Photo, 5 August, 2018 

Cafe: Raniora RSA

IMG 3011 2


Here is a great graphic which is available on T-shirts, tote-bags and sweatshirts from the site below. Click this to explore the store. 

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Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 4.04.49 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 4.27.36 PM


The Pet Expo was a great success. We gave away close to 75 Papillon Club cards and dozens of breeder address sheets. Ours was a very popular stand with a knot of Papillon petters of all ages crowding in almost all the time. Hundreds of people learned how to approach small dogs and to handle them. But the smiles and love the dogs brought to everyone was truely special. Many thanks to the helpers; Lee who brought three dogs, Bill and Rose who brought their two dogs, Catherine who brought her two and Greta and Spence who brought Brody and helped with the tear down. It was a real group effort and has raised the profile of the breed significantly in the area and made a lot of people happy. Thanks to all who helped - humans and dogs!

- Jacquie and Rick

Below: Bill and Rose with Buster and Lulu while Zoe watches.

IMG 1888

Below: Our stand

IMG 1885



Izzy wins Best on Parade. See Photo Album

Izzy Best on Parade and Best Puppy

FUN Day in May, 2016

More photos in the Photo Album

SIPC Fun May 2106


SIPC Ribbon Parade, Feb 2016

Theme: Pink!

Lee and Chant pink

Lee and Chant (See also PHOTO ALBUM for more photos)

A Papillon has achieved NZ Supreme Champion Status

Sunshoo Imascarlett Oscars for Gleniren (IMP UK)

Owned and shown by Steve and Tania Bottlik

Pillango Kennels


Oscar - Supreme Champion Award
Oscar (as he is known to friends) has achieved the NZ Kennel Club Supreme Champion Award. This is only awarded to a dog who has won 75 NZ Kennel Club Challenges and 5 All Breed Best in Show with each win being under a different judge at All Breed Championship Shows. For those unfamiliar with this, it means that five times he won over all types of dogs, Working Dogs, Gun dogs, Hounds, Toy Dogs, etc., etc. This is the onlly Papillon to ever achieve this award. Learn more about Pillango Kennels


Pap club card

If you would like a club card (shown above) to hand out to interested people please contact Jacquie and she will send some to you.  

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